Solidus AI TECH Car Competition

Solidus AI TECH is running a luxury car giveaway: one lucky investor will receive either a top-of-the-range car with a price value of $50,000 or $50,000 in cryptocurrency.

How to Enter
  • Join our telegram;
  • Register on our ICO platform - please select 'Car Competition' and the platform where you saw this competition and login
  • Add your ERC-20 wallet address (recommended: Metamask. Visit The wallet you choose must have the option to “add custom token”
  • Enter the amount you wish to purchase. The amount must be a minimum of $500 to participate in the contest
  • Ensure pop-ups are enabled so that you are directed to our payment CoinPayments gateway
  • Select the “make online payment” button
  • Add your referral code if you have one. Then select a native token that you’d like to pay in
  • You will be directed to the CoinPayments page
Payment Via An Exchange (Coinbase, Binance Etc)
  • Copy and paste the wallet address shown (but do not scan the QR code)
Note: : Scanning the QR code for Metamask, Trustwallet etc is fine.
  • Pay the exact amount shown on the CoinPayments page as this includes gas fees
Note: AITECH tokens can take up to 24 hours to show up on your dashboard.
Note: We will not be distributing tokens to ERC-20 wallet addresses until the ICO has been completed.
Who can enter the contest?

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the competition. Some US states are excluded (New York and Florida).

How The Winner Will Be Chosen

Every $500 spent by a person or someone using that person’s referral code equates to a single entry.

Example: if you spend $10,000, you will receive 20 entries. If someone spends $10,000 and uses your referral code, that will equate to 20 entries for you and 20 entries for them. The person with the most entries will have the highest chance of winning, but the winner will be chosen at random.

Note: Participants are allowed one free entry – email your identification to [email protected]

Tax Implications

Although this does not apply in all cases, in any giveaway with a winner receiving a prize amount valued at $600 or more, the winner must declare this to the Internal Revenue Services. The winner must complete a prize validation form and pay any taxes that are due.

Duration Of The Competition

The completion begins on 22nd April. The winner will be chosen randomly once we have raised the required $250,000.

Contest Minimum

The minimum amount to be raised for the contest to be valid is $250,000.

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